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Ward No.Work CodeDepartmentDescriptionEstimated DateAmount in LakhsContractorStatusRemarksAgreement Amount
1 2009-ENG-0071 EngineeringProviding C.C. road to Baba Nagar09 Nov 20099.90Y.Prasad RaoCompletedWork completed9.08
1 2010-ENG-0322 EngineeringImprovements of water supply in Subba Rao peta from Door No.72-11-9/3/2 to 72-11-10 at Lalcheruvu in 1st division01 May 20100.23 CompletedCompleted0.00
1 2010-ENG-0323 EngineeringFormation of WBM road in Baba Nagar.01 May 20101.00K. Kishore Kumar GowdCompletedCompleted0.00
1 2010-ENG-0324 EngineeringFormation of WBM road for 6 Roads (Six) in Tarakarama Nagar in 1st Division.01 May 20108.40K.Kishor Kumar GowdCompletedWork Completed5.06
1 2010-ENG-0325 EngineeringFormation of WBM road and providing CC drains from Door NO.73-12-13/50 near Vambay housing colony in 1st Division.01 May 20102.40M.Ramachandra RaoCompletedWork Completed1.59
1 2010-ENG-0326 EngineeringFormation of WBM Roads for 4 roads (3 cross roads and 1 longitudional road) in Saidurga nagar in 1st Division.01 May 20108.40Ch.VeeraReddyCompletedWork Completed0.00
1 2010-ENG-0327 EngineeringMaintenance and repairs to CC roads in various places for damaged portion in 1st Division01 May 20100.41B.S.R.ReddyCompletedWork Completed0.37
1 2010-ENG-0593 EngineeringProviding Kitchen shed for Bathina Nagar Elementary School in 1st Division.18 May 20100.65 CompletedWork Completed0.00
1 2010-ENG-0594 EngineeringProviding additional street lighting in various places in 1st Division.18 May 20101.20M/s T.S.R. associatesCompletedWork Completed0.00
1 2010-ENG-0794 EngineeringFormation of WBM roads to Police Commissionerate office road No.2 in 1st Division.25 Aug 20101.00CH.VeerraddyCompletedWork Completed0.95
1 2010-ENG-0795 EngineeringFormation of WBM roadand Rcc Pipe Culverts for Police Commissionerate office road No.1 in 1st Division.25 Aug 20101.00M.V.G.Krishna ReddyCompletedWork Completed0.94
1 2010-ENG-0796 EngineeringFormation of WBM roads to Police Commissionerate office Road No.4 in 1st Division.25 Aug 20100.98CH.VeerraddyCompletedWork Completed0.91
1 2010-ENG-0797 EngineeringFormation of WBM roads to Police Commissionerate office Road No.3 & 5 in 1st Division.25 Aug 20100.99M.V.G.Krishna ReddyCompletedWork Completed0.93
1 2010-ENG-0838 EngineeringProviding PVC Floor Mat in Police Commissinerant Office in 1st Division04 Aug 20100.72S.GovidayyaCompletedCompleted0.71
1 2010-ENG-0854 EngineeringProviding Paintings for Police Comissioner office near quaters in1st Division04 Aug 20100.42K.KishorkumargowdCompletedWork Completed0.39
1 2010-ENG-0857 EngineeringMaintanace and Repair to CC Culverts and CC Drains in Subbarao Peta And Bathinanager 1st Division07 Jun 20101.95N.ManikumarCompletedWork Completed1.44
1 2010-ENG-0874 EngineeringProviding Partatiion with iron farme and MDF Sheet in Police Commissionerate office in 1st Division04 Aug 20100.84T.AnathagiriCompletedWork Completed0.78
1 2010-ENG-0883 EngineeringProviding and constraction of toilets to Police commissiarate office in1st Diviion03 Aug 20100.32T.AnathagiriCompletedWork Completed0.30
1 2010-ENG-0892 EngineeringConstruction of 2Nos. Class Room, 1st floor bilding in Dulip singh peta Municipal corporation Elementary School in 1st Division.09 Dec 20106.50Sri T. Govinda RajuluCompletedWork Completed5.56
1 2011-ENG-0003 EngineeringFormation of WBM road In 7th Street Extention Bit in sai Durga Nager in 1st Division.06 Sep 20100.69K.Kishor kumar GowdCompletedWork Completed0.63
1 2011-ENG-0153 EngineeringProviding Septic Tank in Spinning Mill Workers Colony in 1st Divison22 Nov 20100.09MVV RajaShakerCompletedWork Completed0.09
1 2011-ENG-0254 EngineeringProviding Platfroms With a diametar of 0.90mts for Public Taps in 1st Division in Mcr21 Jan 20110.35m.vv RajashakerCompletedWork Completed0.33
1 2011-ENG-0260 EngineeringProviding WBM Roads in Tarakarama Nager Main Road and 5cross Roads in 1st Division14 Oct 20107.04K.V.RaghuluCompletedWork Completed4.88
1 2011-ENG-0266 EngineeringImproments of Water Supply to SubbaRao Peta Area From NH5Road to Dno-72-11-11 in Lalacharu in 1st Divisiobn02 Apr 20110.80SVG Jagadesh KumarCompletedWork Completed0.69
1 2011-ENG-0533 EngineeringMaintenance and Repairs to Drains and Culverts in 1st Division.14 Jun 20112.00 CompletedWork Completed0.00
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