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S.noApplicationNoNameService NameAddressStatusReg. DateNo Of Days
1 2014-REV-0068 Alia begum late M.Jaffar baigTITLE TRANSFER/SUBDIVISION/MUTATION52/16, c.M.Peta, kapapaClosed07 Aug 2014969
2 2014-REV-0098 K Shantamma K ReddaiahTITLE TRANSFER/SUBDIVISION/MUTATION37/1194-1-18, Vidyuth Nagar KadapaClosed13 Aug 2014964
3 2014-REV-0101 K Anand K VenkataRamanaTITLE TRANSFER/SUBDIVISION/MUTATION37/114-1, Nehuru Nagar KadapaClosed13 Aug 2014964
4 2014-REV-0110 S Shammer S Magidoom BashaTITLE TRANSFER/SUBDIVISION/MUTATION15/32, Katiki Veedi KadapaClosed18 Aug 2014960
5 2014-REV-0111 S Shajahan M maqdoom BashaTITLE TRANSFER/SUBDIVISION/MUTATION15/32-1, Katika StClosed18 Aug 2014960
6 2014-REV-0139 S.Madhu sudan rao S.MuneaiahTITLE TRANSFER/SUBDIVISION/MUTATION6/388, G.C.Street,kadapaClosed22 Aug 2014954
7 2014-REV-0166 T Satanarayana T NaraSamhuluTITLE TRANSFER/SUBDIVISION/MUTATION17/54, Y V St KadapaClosed27 Aug 2014949
8 2014-REV-0172 K Ratnamma K SubbarayuduTITLE TRANSFER/SUBDIVISION/MUTATION53/40 53/40-1, C M Peta KadapaClosed30 Aug 2014942
9 2014-REV-0176 K.Venkatamma K.VenkateshuTITLE TRANSFER/SUBDIVISION/MUTATION41/921,Sankarapuram, kadapa, Sankarapuram,kadapaClosed01 Sep 2014941
10 2014-REV-0189 A Sudhalatha C RavindraReddyTITLE TRANSFER/SUBDIVISION/MUTATION43243-1To243-6 Prakash Nagar , KadapaClosed02 Sep 2014940
11 2014-REV-0198 A Raghavendra Babu A MunnaSwamiTITLE TRANSFER/SUBDIVISION/MUTATION37/268-4-1 37/268-4-2 Kondaya , KadapaClosed05 Sep 2014936
12 2014-REV-0200 P anjanamma P ChandraTITLE TRANSFER/SUBDIVISION/MUTATION37/531-7-1Nehuru Nagar Kadapa, KadapaClosed05 Sep 2014936
13 2014-REV-0203 G VenkataSubbaiah G SubbaiahTITLE TRANSFER/SUBDIVISION/MUTATIONPataKadapa , KadapaClosed05 Sep 2014936
14 2014-REV-0209 M.Pullaiah M.SubbarayuduTITLE TRANSFER/SUBDIVISION/MUTATION41/745-25, Ganjikunta colony, kadapaClosed06 Sep 2014934
15 2014-REV-0228 S RamaKrishna S SubramanyamTITLE TRANSFER/SUBDIVISION/MUTATION39/349-4 OM Santhi Nagar Kada, KadapaClosed10 Sep 2014928
16 2014-REV-0235 V SuryaKumari V SreedharReddyTITLE TRANSFER/SUBDIVISION/MUTATION39/355-3 V V Nagar Kadapa, KadapaClosed11 Sep 2014927
17 2014-REV-0253 S md Jeelani S md HussainTITLE TRANSFER/SUBDIVISION/MUTATION8/915 AlmasPetaKadapa, KadapaClosed17 Sep 2014922
18 2014-REV-0254 B VenkataSubba Reddy B PullaReddyTITLE TRANSFER/SUBDIVISION/MUTATION36/256-64-1 ChinnaChowk Kadapa, KadapaClosed17 Sep 2014922
19 2014-REV-0261 S R Rajeswari K B Y ReddyTITLE TRANSFER/SUBDIVISION/MUTATION20/-1032 R K Nagar Kadapa, KadapaClosed18 Sep 2014921
20 2014-REV-0262 K.B.Yadavendra reddy K.B.siva rami reddyTITLE TRANSFER/SUBDIVISION/MUTATION20/1031, R.K.Nagar, kadapaClosed18 Sep 2014921
21 2014-REV-0271 P Lakshmi Devi P VenkataSubbaiahTITLE TRANSFER/SUBDIVISION/MUTATION41/1446 S K Puram Kadapa, KadapaClosed19 Sep 2014920
22 2014-REV-0276 G Dhanamayee S PrabakarTITLE TRANSFER/SUBDIVISION/MUTATION VivekandaNagar Kadapa, KadapaClosed20 Sep 2014919
23 2014-REV-0277 K Venkata Subbamma K venkata SubbaiahTITLE TRANSFER/SUBDIVISION/MUTATION37/268-1 Kondaya Palli Kadapa, KadapaClosed20 Sep 2014919
24 2014-REV-0281 K Mohammed Yousuf K Mohammed HaseemTITLE TRANSFER/SUBDIVISION/MUTATION15/216 Bellary Raod Kadapa, KadapaClosed20 Sep 2014919
25 2014-REV-0311 P Naga BhusanamTITLE TRANSFER/SUBDIVISION/MUTATION41/37/37-1 Sankarapuram Kadapa, kadapaClosed02 Oct 2014907

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