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S.noApplicationNoNameService NameAddressStatusReg. DateNo Of Days
1 2014-ENG-0009 S.GangaiahRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)30/24, Ukkaya palli, kadapaClosed19 Jul 2014946
2 2014-ENG-0010 S.JahariRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)38/5048, Closed19 Jul 2014946
3 2014-ENG-0011 P.PenchalammaRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)14/562-33, Naksh, kadapaClosed19 Jul 2014946
4 2014-ENG-0013 V.SaraswathiRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)38/6409, Ramanjaneya puram, kadapaClosed19 Jul 2014946
5 2014-ENG-0015 M.Vakila baiRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)93/67-318, Indira nagar, kadapaClosed19 Jul 2014946
6 2014-ENG-0016 K.Jilan ahammedRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)38/6131-3, cHINNA chowk, kadapaClosed19 Jul 2014946
7 2014-ENG-0017 S.KondammaRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)76/95-2, Rama raju palli, kadapaClosed19 Jul 2014946
8 2014-ENG-0020 R.Madhu kumarRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)93/195, Subbanna gari palli kadapaClosed21 Jul 2014944
9 2014-ENG-0021 K.HariRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)38/753, Bahujana wada, chinna cowk , kClosed21 Jul 2014944
10 2014-ENG-0023 E.KavithaRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)8/444-1, Alamaspet,KadapaClosed21 Jul 2014944
11 2014-ENG-0026 T.SaraswathiRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)93/139-136, Sai baba nagar, kadapaClosed21 Jul 2014944
12 2014-ENG-0027 K.Hanumantha GowdRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)85/296, Saroja nagar, kadapaClosed21 Jul 2014944
13 2014-ENG-0033 M.SiddiahRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)87/2, Farida nagar, kadapaClosed22 Jul 2014943
14 2014-ENG-0034 K.SubbarayuduRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)32/87-1, Devuni kadapa, kadapaClosed22 Jul 2014943
15 2014-ENG-0045 U.SujathaRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)93/67-18-17, Indira nagar, kadapaClosed25 Jul 2014940
16 2014-ENG-0047 Sunkesula AshabeeRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)49/103, Ravindra nagar , kadapaClosed25 Jul 2014940
17 2014-ENG-0048 Shaik Hazaram beeRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)8/11270-3-4, sai peta, kadapaClosed25 Jul 2014940
18 2014-ENG-0050 S.Murad sahebRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)11/70-71, Kummara kunta kadapaClosed25 Jul 2014940
19 2014-ENG-0051 S.ShanzRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)93/139-162, Indira nagar,kadapaClosed25 Jul 2014940
20 2014-ENG-0052 J.Adi lakshmiRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)93/139-136-211, Indira nagar, kadapaClosed25 Jul 2014940
21 2014-ENG-0053 Vijaya kumari E.BemanammaRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)93/67-404, Indira nagar, kadapaClosed25 Jul 2014940
22 2014-ENG-0054 K.VaniRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)93/139-433, Indira nagar, kadapaClosed25 Jul 2014940
23 2014-ENG-0055 P.NagamallammaRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)38/4590, R.K.Nagar, kadapaClosed25 Jul 2014940
24 2014-ENG-0056 S.BashirunRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)93/67/1322, Indira nagar, kadapaClosed25 Jul 2014940
25 2014-ENG-0057 M.Anwar ul HaqRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)8/614-3, Vakkala peta, kadapaClosed25 Jul 2014940

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