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S.noApplicationNoNameService NameAddressStatusReg. DateNo Of Days
1 2014-ENG-0012 B.SubbammaRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)9/339, Kattkinda HarizanawadaClosed19 Jul 20141007
2 2014-ENG-0014 T.Khader bashaRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)44/37-226, Bhagath singh nager, kadapaClosed19 Jul 20141007
3 2014-ENG-0018 S.Jafar valliRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)44/37-13, Chemummiah peta kadapaClosed19 Jul 20141007
4 2014-ENG-0022 K kishorRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)45/401-10-1, C.M.peta, kadapaClosed21 Jul 20141005
5 2014-ENG-0032 P.Shabeer Ali KhanRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)9/662-2, Ameen peer road kadapaClosed22 Jul 20141004
6 2014-ENG-0035 Syed mahabunnisaRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)8/209-1-15-26, Bismilla nagar, kadapaClosed22 Jul 20141004
7 2014-ENG-0046 T.Venkata ramanaRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)52/243-3, Nabikota ,C.M,Peta, kadapaClosed25 Jul 20141001
8 2014-ENG-0049 S.EswaammaRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)64/123-22-1-2, Akkaya palli, kadapaClosed25 Jul 20141001
9 2014-ENG-0058 S.RahamathullaRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)58/105-2, Akkaya palli, kadapaClosed25 Jul 20141001
10 2014-ENG-0061 K.NagasubbammaRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)38/1964, R.k.nagar,kadapaClosed26 Jul 20141000
11 2014-ENG-0064 S.Ghousiya begumRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)38/506, Tilak nagar,kadapaClosed26 Jul 20141000
12 2014-ENG-0064 S.Ghousiya begumRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)38/506, Tilak nagar,kadapaClosed26 Jul 20141000
13 2014-ENG-0066 O.RajeswariRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)59/166-2, Nabikota, kadapaClosed26 Jul 20141000
14 2014-ENG-0068 S.GangammaRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)38/462, Chinna chowk, kadapaClosed26 Jul 20141000
15 2014-ENG-0074 K.siddappaRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)45/150-403-404, C.M.Peta, kadapaClosed26 Jul 20141000
16 2014-ENG-0083 A.RamanaiahRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)37/1194-1-23-5, Vidyuth nagar kadapaClosed29 Jul 2014998
17 2014-ENG-0085 B.VeeraiahRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)39/449-12, Aravinda nagar, kadapaClosed29 Jul 2014998
18 2014-ENG-0087 R.MalleswrammaRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)38/160-3-1, Buddaya palli, kadapaClosed29 Jul 2014998
19 2014-ENG-0088 S.PeeraRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)58/387-7-13, Tilak nagar, kadapaClosed29 Jul 2014998
20 2014-ENG-0089 S.PrasannaRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)44/37-33, Bhagathsigh, kadapaClosed29 Jul 2014998
21 2014-ENG-0090 S.Mohammed ghouseRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)21/170-1, Gunta bazar, kadapaClosed29 Jul 2014998
22 2014-ENG-0091 K.Duragappa k.mohanRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)67/149-3, S.B.I.Colony, kadapaClosed29 Jul 2014998
23 2014-ENG-0093 S.AmeenaRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)38/464, P.S.Nagar,kadapaClosed30 Jul 2014996
24 2014-ENG-0094 S.Shahanz begumRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)45/150-316, Taraka ramarao, street, kadapaClosed30 Jul 2014996
25 2014-ENG-0095 L.yallammaRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)38/6059, Ramanjneya puram,kadapaClosed30 Jul 2014996

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