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S.noApplicationNoNameService NameAddressStatusReg. DateNo Of Days
1 2014-ENG-0269 S.JabeenRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)50/24-9, C.M.Peta, kadapaRejected08 Aug 20141023
2 2014-ENG-0537 V Sujatha V VenkataRamanaRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)31/117-2-1, Devuni KadapaRejected19 Aug 20141013
3 2014-ENG-0954 S Jeelani Basha S Kamal SahebRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)8/994-1, Rejected28 Aug 20141004
4 2014-ENG-1149 K Viswanath RajuRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)41/381-1-5 S K Puram, KadapaRejected02 Sep 2014999
5 2014-ENG-1358 C Krishna Reddy C SubbannaRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)38/121 BuddayaPalli Kadapa, KadapaRejected06 Sep 2014993
6 2014-ENG-1345 D Sekhar Naveen KumarRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)93/206 MamillaPalli Kadapa, KadapaRejected06 Sep 2014993
7 2014-ENG-1385 SA ImamBee S KhasimRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)45/150-305 C M Peta Kadapa, KadapaRejected07 Sep 2014992
8 2014-ENG-3161 M Prabakar Reddy M NarasimhaReddyRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)22/99 Pata Kadapa, kadapaRejected25 Oct 2014939
9 2014-ENG-4528 S.Hussain khadar s.Hussan peerRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)14/706-1, Nakash street,kadapaRejected11 Dec 2014892
10 2014-ENG-4773 S.Kris200/-WATER TAP APPLICATION NEWnaiahRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)32/102-1-1-1, devuni kadapa,kadapaRejected19 Dec 2014885
11 2014-ENG-4772 G.SheshammaRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)1/1096, Y.M.palli,kadapaRejected19 Dec 2014885
12 2014-ENG-4831 s.ShahanaRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)4/322, Nagaraju peta,kadapaRejected21 Dec 2014883
13 2015-ENG-0064 B.v.JayammaRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)38/635, p.s.nagar,kadapaRejected03 Jan 2015868
14 2015-ENG-0073 P.Puspa P.VishunuRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)38/304-3, R.K.Nagar,kadapaRejected03 Jan 2015868
15 2015-ENG-0067 v.syamalammaRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)38/63, chinna chowk,kadapaRejected03 Jan 2015868
16 2015-ENG-0071 A. VanisreeRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)38/629, p.s. nagar,kadapaRejected03 Jan 2015868
17 2015-ENG-0066 K.sankarammaRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)38/633, p.s.nagar,kadapaRejected03 Jan 2015868
18 2015-ENG-0190 P.Narayana reddyRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)36/23-12-1-2, chinna chowk,kadapaRejected07 Jan 2015862
19 2015-ENG-0192 M.Thaharan beeRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)38/2748, R.K.Nagar,kadapaRejected07 Jan 2015862
20 2015-ENG-0189 p.Gangi reddyRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)36/231-12-1-1, chinna chowk,kadapaRejected07 Jan 2015862
21 2015-ENG-0776 Shaik rafi S.abdul hakRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)36/648-1, Chinna chowk,kadapa, Chinna chowka.kadapaRejected31 Jan 2015841
22 2015-ENG-1017 B.Lakshmi devi B.RamanjaneyuluRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)101/212-1, J.V.Nagar,kadapaRejected09 Feb 2015832
23 2015-ENG-1415 Jyothi munemma Jyothi VemaiahRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)38/6195, Ramanjaneya puram,kad, Rejected26 Feb 2015813
24 2015-ENG-1518 V.Venkata ramanaRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)37/1186-2,1186-3, Chinna chowk, Rejected28 Feb 2015811
25 2015-ENG-1480 Shaik Sagsum S.Vali sabRS.200/- WATER TAP APPLICATION(NEW)97/255, moola vank a, kadapa, Rejected28 Feb 2015811

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