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S.noApplicationNoNameService NameAddressStatusReg. DateNo Of Days
1 2014-REV-0050 S.NaseemunnisaNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX5/168, Rotagadda street, kadapaClosed06 Aug 20141051
2 2014-REV-0049 S.Ahamed peer shahamiriNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX5/208, Kotta gadda street, kadapaClosed06 Aug 20141051
3 2014-REV-0186 k.DhanalakshmiNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX38/2829,Rama krishna nagar, ka, R.K.Nagar, kadapaClosed02 Sep 20141025
4 2014-REV-0274 S.Shaheeda begumNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX44/37/543, Chemmumiaha peta, kadapaClosed19 Sep 20141008
5 2014-REV-0272 kamurunnisa begumNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX44/37/542, Bhagath singh nagar, kadapaClosed19 Sep 20141008
6 2014-REV-0350 Shaik fathimun shaik gafforNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX38/3510, rama krishnanagar,kadapaClosed07 Oct 2014989
7 2014-REV-0346 A.DanammaNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX38/2968, ramakrishna nagar, kadapaClosed07 Oct 2014989
8 2014-REV-0472 N.SavithrammaNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX88/163, agadi veedhi,kadapaClosed22 Nov 2014944
9 2014-REV-0475 S.KhaderbashaNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX18/99, burram chennaiah street,kadapaClosed22 Nov 2014944
10 2014-REV-0610 V.surendra yadavNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX45/175, balaji nagar,kadapaClosed17 Dec 2014919
11 2014-REV-0662 l.Raghu nath reddyNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX42/307-46, Bhgya nagar colony,kadapaClosed19 Dec 2014916
12 2014-REV-0747 S.Farhana begumNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX36/365-2, Ashok nagar,kadapaClosed27 Dec 2014909
13 2015-REV-0086 Shaik shameer bashaNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX88/30, angadhi veedhi,kadapaClosed08 Jan 2015894
14 2015-REV-0081 Barakam ayyavaru reddyNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX4/35-1, chinnamachu palli,kadapaClosed08 Jan 2015894
15 2015-REV-0083 Shaik ansar bashaNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX41/745-208, Ganjikuntacolony,kadapaClosed08 Jan 2015894
16 2015-REV-0080 Chakrala krishnaiahNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX38/3679, ramakrishna nagar,kadapaClosed08 Jan 2015894
17 2015-REV-0184 G.Lakshmi deviNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX90/43-2, chinna musal reddy pa, chinna musal reddy palli,kadapClosed31 Jan 2015874
18 2015-REV-0370 V.Venkata subbammaNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX45/150-23, Taraka rama rao str, Closed03 Mar 2015842
19 2015-REV-0644 S.Khader bashaNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX18/97,18/97-3,18/97-4, B.K.M.S, Closed07 Apr 2015806
20 2015-REV-0643 G.PadmaavathammaNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX43/113-3, prakash nagar,Kadapa, Closed07 Apr 2015806
21 2015-REV-0807 Shaik mahaboob bashaNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX57/196-1-1, Akkaya palli,kadap, Closed08 May 2015776
22 2015-REV-0852 A.Prabhakar reddyNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX22/99, Patha kadapa, Closed18 May 2015768
23 2015-REV-0930 Syed babuNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX38/2380, Rama krishna nagar,ka, Closed25 May 2015761
24 2015-REV-1350 ReddammaNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX5/495, trunk road,kadapa, Closed28 Sep 2015633
25 2015-REV-1363 T.Sab janNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX17/538, Sadu changanna veedhi,, Closed03 Oct 2015629

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