Total Records Found : 21
S.noApplicationNoNameService NameAddressStatusReg. DateNo Of Days
1 2014-REV-0148 S.Md.Ansar bashaNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX57/350-1, Akkayaplli,kadapaClosed25 Aug 20141034
2 2014-REV-0147 M.VenkateswaruluNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX38/2620, Ramakrishna nagar,kadapaClosed25 Aug 20141034
3 2014-REV-0205 O.Rama lakshummaNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX41/745-175, Ganjikunta colony kadapaClosed06 Sep 20141021
4 2014-REV-0256 p.Lakshmi kanthammaNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX42/1150, Mruthyunjaya kunta, kadapaClosed17 Sep 20141010
5 2014-REV-0362 P.Pullamma P.NarasimhuluNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX38/2338, rama krishna nagar,kadapaClosed13 Oct 2014985
6 2014-REV-0364 V.ChinnaiahNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX56/144-1, akkaya palli,kadapaClosed13 Oct 2014985
7 2014-REV-0363 S.Fathima beeNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX6/129, rajakhan street,kadapaClosed13 Oct 2014985
8 2014-REV-0361 M.AyyavaruNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX28/35-1, modameedapalli,kadapaClosed13 Oct 2014985
9 2014-REV-0384 T.prakashamreddyNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX42/440-3, Bhgy nagarcolony Closed17 Oct 2014979
10 2014-REV-0381 shaik Shameer bashaNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX88/30, Angadi veedhi,kadapaClosed17 Oct 2014979
11 2014-REV-0403 p.v.Lakshumma P.NarayanaNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX45/462-4, Balajinagar,kadapaClosed24 Oct 2014973
12 2014-REV-0402 M.NagulammaNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX45/150-405, Tarakarama nagar,kadapaClosed24 Oct 2014973
13 2014-REV-0401 P.Sulochna mmaNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX45/150-364, Tharaka ramaro street,kadapaClosed24 Oct 2014973
14 2014-REV-0418 T.Raja ratanamNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX45/150-79, Chemmumiah peta,kadapaClosed27 Oct 2014971
15 2014-REV-0417 T.RamprasadNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX45/150-80, chemmumiah peta,kadapaClosed27 Oct 2014971
16 2015-REV-0369 G.Srinivas raoNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX3/2182-28, Raja reddy street,k, Closed03 Mar 2015842
17 2015-REV-0648 S.Ahamed bashaNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX48/478-3, Chemumiah peta,kadap, Closed07 Apr 2015806
18 2015-REV-0647 S.Raja sahebNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX75/1-3, Vijdurga colony,kadapa, Closed07 Apr 2015806
19 2015-REV-0646 C.Padma nabhamNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX48/487,Ravindra nagar,kadapa, Closed07 Apr 2015806
20 2015-REV-0645 G.KondaiahNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX30/125-2,Ukkaya palli,kadapa, Closed07 Apr 2015806
21 2015-REV-1473 B.Siva bharathiNAME CORRECTION OF PROPERTY TAX38/2149, R.K.Nagar,kadapa, Closed07 Oct 2015624

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