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S.noApplicationNoNameService NameAddressStatusReg. DateNo Of Days
1 2014-ENG-0453 RamaWATER LEAKAGES1/2222, H B Col, Closed17 Aug 20141011
2 2014-ENG-0597 SharifWATER LEAKAGES3/42-1,Naik Sab St, Closed20 Aug 20141009
3 2014-ENG-0607 Murali MohanWATER LEAKAGES37/678-1-2, Nehru Nagar, Closed20 Aug 20141009
4 2014-ENG-0609 SukumarWATER LEAKAGES1/2309, Housing Board Colony, Closed20 Aug 20141009
5 2014-ENG-0721 Nagendra PrasadWATER LEAKAGESBeside Ameer Babu Petrol Bunk,, Closed23 Aug 20141005
6 2014-ENG-0724 Bhaskar ReddyWATER LEAKAGES36/256-55-18,Opp:Subbi Reddy C, Closed23 Aug 20141005
7 2014-ENG-0744 ManiWATER LEAKAGESNear Sujatha Hotel, 7 Roads Ci, Closed23 Aug 20141005
8 2014-ENG-0762 ObuleshWATER LEAKAGES1/44,Y M Palli, Closed25 Aug 20141004
9 2014-ENG-0763 RaghuWATER LEAKAGES1/2655,H B Colony, Closed25 Aug 20141004
10 2014-ENG-0858 SubbannaWATER LEAKAGES1/1698, Kandipalem, Closed26 Aug 20141003
11 2014-ENG-1321 SrinivasuluWATER LEAKAGES31/147,Devuni Kadapa, Closed06 Sep 2014991
12 2014-ENG-1323 AnkushamWATER LEAKAGES80/68,Rukavaripalli, Closed06 Sep 2014991
13 2014-ENG-1434 Krishna ReddyWATER LEAKAGES1/376,Maruthi Nagar , Closed08 Sep 2014990
14 2014-ENG-1539 Ram MohanWATER LEAKAGES2/396, Near Chennakesava Reddy, Closed10 Sep 2014988
15 2014-ENG-1659 Lakshmi Narayana RaoWATER LEAKAGES16/90, Masapeta, Closed12 Sep 2014984
16 2014-ENG-1663 Ramana ReddyWATER LEAKAGES37/1341, Chalamareddy Palli, Closed12 Sep 2014984
17 2014-ENG-2237 Srinivasula ReddyWATER LEAKAGES79/59, Near Elementary School,, Closed24 Sep 2014974
18 2014-ENG-2400 Subba RamaiahWATER LEAKAGES36/573,Ashoke Nagar, Closed27 Sep 2014970
19 2014-ENG-2728 PullaiahWATER LEAKAGES20/756, R K Nagar, Closed08 Oct 2014960
20 2014-ENG-3064 ViswanathWATER LEAKAGES39/480-4,Vivekananda Nagar, Closed21 Oct 2014946
21 2014-ENG-3097 Noor BashaWATER LEAKAGES41/745-11,Ganjikunta Colony, Closed22 Oct 2014945
22 2014-ENG-3494 Ram Mohan RajuWATER LEAKAGES3/1206, Co-operative Colony, Closed06 Nov 2014928
23 2014-ENG-3507 Guna Sekaraiah Health Education OfficerWATER LEAKAGES45/150-44, Taraka Rama , Closed07 Nov 2014928
24 2014-ENG-3511 Guna Sekaraiah Health Education OfficerWATER LEAKAGES45/150-274, Taraka Rama Naga, Closed07 Nov 2014928
25 2014-ENG-3518 ObulesuWATER LEAKAGES1/1864, Sriram Nagar, Y M Pall, Closed07 Nov 2014928

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