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S.noApplicationNoNameService NameAddressStatusReg. DateNo Of Days
1 2014-ENG-0168 PushparajuREPAIR OF STREET LIGHTS34/11-3-4, Patha KadapaClosed06 Aug 20141056
2 2014-ENG-0169 P Abdulla KhanREPAIR OF STREET LIGHTS2/1077, NagarajupetaClosed06 Aug 20141056
3 2014-ENG-0170 P Abdulla KhanREPAIR OF STREET LIGHTS4/184, NagarajupetaClosed06 Aug 20141056
4 2014-ENG-0171 Venkateswara NaiduREPAIR OF STREET LIGHTS37/107, KondayapalliClosed06 Aug 20141056
5 2014-ENG-0172 Shafi AhamedREPAIR OF STREET LIGHTS4/279, Badulla Makan Saheb StreetClosed06 Aug 20141056
6 2014-ENG-0174 NagarajuREPAIR OF STREET LIGHTS42/477-4, Bhagya Nagar ColonyClosed06 Aug 20141056
7 2014-ENG-0175 Chinnappa ReddyREPAIR OF STREET LIGHTS77/170, RamarajupalliClosed06 Aug 20141056
8 2014-ENG-0176 KumarREPAIR OF STREET LIGHTS39/588-18, Aravinda NagarClosed06 Aug 20141056
9 2014-ENG-0177 S A GaffarREPAIR OF STREET LIGHTS20/816, Co-operative ColonyClosed06 Aug 20141056
10 2014-ENG-0179 Ameer BashaREPAIR OF STREET LIGHTS44/37-501, Bhagathsing NagarClosed06 Aug 20141056
11 2014-ENG-0180 S MohammedREPAIR OF STREET LIGHTS10/303, Bellam Mandi StreetClosed06 Aug 20141056
12 2014-ENG-0181 DasthagiriREPAIR OF STREET LIGHTS70/190-2, Dastagiripeta, AlankhanpalliClosed06 Aug 20141056
13 2014-ENG-0182 Dasthagiri SahebREPAIR OF STREET LIGHTS51/56, Ravindra NagarClosed06 Aug 20141056
14 2014-ENG-0183 Diwakar ReddyREPAIR OF STREET LIGHTS39/271-1-4, Saraswathi Nagar, Pakeer PalliClosed06 Aug 20141056
15 2014-ENG-0184 GhouseREPAIR OF STREET LIGHTS10/295, Ameenpeer Road, Bellari RoadClosed06 Aug 20141056
16 2014-ENG-0185 Ansar BashaREPAIR OF STREET LIGHTS43/392-6-1-1, Chandra Mouli Nagar, Prakash NClosed06 Aug 20141056
17 2014-ENG-0186 KhajapeerREPAIR OF STREET LIGHTS39/613-6-1, Aravinda NagarClosed06 Aug 20141056
18 2014-ENG-0187 Rouf KhanREPAIR OF STREET LIGHTS11/73, Kummarakunta, Bellari RoadClosed06 Aug 20141056
19 2014-ENG-0188 TirumaleshREPAIR OF STREET LIGHTS38/340-67-1, RamanjaneyapuramClosed06 Aug 20141056
20 2014-ENG-0189 Khadar BashaREPAIR OF STREET LIGHTS1/1315, Yerramukka PalliClosed06 Aug 20141056
21 2014-ENG-0190 Murali SharmaREPAIR OF STREET LIGHTS40/2, Chinna ChowkClosed06 Aug 20141056
22 2014-ENG-0191 Lal KhanREPAIR OF STREET LIGHTS11/232, Khaleel Nagar, Bellari RoadClosed06 Aug 20141056
23 2014-ENG-0192 Siva PrasadREPAIR OF STREET LIGHTS38/4242, Near MPP School, Chalamareddy Closed06 Aug 20141056
24 2014-ENG-0193 Alla BakashREPAIR OF STREET LIGHTS57/205, AkkayapalliClosed06 Aug 20141056
25 2014-ENG-0194 J V RamanaiahREPAIR OF STREET LIGHTS86/5-1, SivanandapuramClosed06 Aug 20141056

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