Total Records Found : 15
S.noApplicationNoNameService NameAddressStatusReg. DateNo Of Days
1 2014-ENG-1177 Lal KhanREPAIR OF STREET LIGHTS11/232, Khaleel Nagar, Rejected03 Sep 2014995
2 2014-ENG-3911 Rama Subba ReddyREPAIR OF STREET LIGHTS68/110,Allamkhanpalli , Rejected20 Nov 2014917
3 2015-ENG-3804 PicchannaREPAIR OF STREET LIGHTS39/108, pakkerpalli , Rejected23 May 2015732
4 2015-ENG-3805 Sita RamaiahREPAIR OF STREET LIGHTS38/304-12, kadapaRejected23 May 2015732
5 2015-ENG-4234 KumarREPAIR OF STREET LIGHTS1/1391-1, Pusala , Rejected04 Jun 2015721
6 2015-ENG-6266 JakeerREPAIR OF STREET LIGHTS70/31,Allmkhanpalli , Rejected05 Aug 2015659
7 2015-ENG-6928 Gajaraj SinghREPAIR OF STREET LIGHTS18/37,Chendrayudu St , Rejected24 Aug 2015640
8 2015-ENG-7498 RamakrishnaREPAIR OF STREET LIGHTS101/221, J V Nagar, Rejected04 Sep 2015627
9 2015-ENG-7566 ViswanathREPAIR OF STREET LIGHTS38/167-13, S R Nagar, Rejected08 Sep 2015625
10 2015-ENG-7586 Anil KumarREPAIR OF STREET LIGHTS41/120-5, Sankarapurum , KadapaRejected09 Sep 2015624
11 2015-ENG-8001 Surendra KumarREPAIR OF STREET LIGHTS39/474-1, Aravinda Nagar , Rejected20 Sep 2015612
12 2015-ENG-8744 NayeemREPAIR OF STREET LIGHTS49/109, Ravindra Nagar, Rejected08 Oct 2015593
13 2015-ENG-9829 Latha DeviREPAIR OF STREET LIGHTS37/1062-1,Nehru Nagar , Rejected17 Nov 2015555
14 2016-ENG-0401 Rami ReddyREPAIR OF STREET LIGHTS39/358-2, Road, Rejected23 Jan 2016487
15 2016-ENG-5139 Gopala KrishnaiahREPAIR OF STREET LIGHTS39/39-2, RTC Colony, Rejected21 Sep 2016246

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