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S.noApplicationNoNameService NameAddressStatusReg. DateNo Of Days
1 2014-ENG-0005 D.Janardhan reddyNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY75/18-6, V.D.Colony,KadapaClosed19 Jul 20141003
2 2014-ENG-0007 Shaik Anjum tajNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY8/202-15, Almas peta, kadapaClosed19 Jul 20141003
3 2014-ENG-0019 B.Subba reddyNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY45/197-1, Balaji nagarClosed19 Jul 20141003
4 2014-ENG-0025 S.ShakeelaNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY38/6642-1, Tilak nagar kadapaClosed21 Jul 20141002
5 2014-ENG-0028 K.Sobha raniNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY39/539-7, Ramalayam street kadapaClosed21 Jul 20141002
6 2014-ENG-0030 S.S.GangaiahNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY43/41, Prakash nagar, kadapaClosed21 Jul 20141002
7 2014-ENG-0031 M.HimabinduNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY36/261-3-2-1, Chinna chowk, kadapaClosed21 Jul 20141002
8 2014-ENG-0039 K.Govardhan Giri raoNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY43/116-5-1, Praksh nagar, kadapaClosed23 Jul 20141000
9 2014-ENG-0041 S.Nikath khanamNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY1/797-1, Dwaraka nagar kadapaClosed25 Jul 2014998
10 2014-ENG-0078 B.Naga subba reddyNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY39/30, Sree krishana devaraya, kadapaClosed26 Jul 2014996
11 2014-ENG-0144 V.Lakshmi DeviNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY75/28-2, V.D.Offce colony , kadapaClosed05 Aug 2014987
12 2014-ENG-0145 P.Venkata subbammaNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY38/2482, R.K.Nagar, kadapaClosed05 Aug 2014987
13 2014-ENG-0152 N Nageswara Reddy N.Subbi ReddyNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY75/29-1-1, Vijaya Durga ColonyClosed05 Aug 2014987
14 2014-ENG-0160 V Suramma V VenkatesuNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY1/1085, Y M Palli KadapaClosed06 Aug 2014986
15 2014-ENG-0163 K.VenkataLakshumma.K.SubbaReddyNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY75/1-111, Vijaya Durga Coloniy KadapaClosed06 Aug 2014986
16 2014-ENG-0164 K.VenkataLakshumma.K SubbaReddyNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY75/45-5-1, Vijaya Dugra Colony KadapaClosed06 Aug 2014986
17 2014-ENG-0165 K VenkataLakshumma.SubbaReddyNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY75/5-1-12, Vijay Durga Colony KadapaClosed06 Aug 2014986
18 2014-ENG-0167 K Ramachandra K Surya NarayanaNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY1/435, Maruthi Nagar KadapaClosed06 Aug 2014986
19 2014-ENG-0238 S Masrath Ali Khan S Ghouse KhanNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY63/155-4, AkkyaPalli KadapaClosed08 Aug 2014982
20 2014-ENG-0239 Sai Murali Mohan. NarayanaNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY37/501-1-2, Nehru Nagar KadapaClosed08 Aug 2014982
21 2014-ENG-0240 M SivaKrishna Reddy M Chinna Narasa ReddyNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY39/317-2-10-1, Vivekanda NagarClosed08 Aug 2014982
22 2014-ENG-0241 S Parvathamma.SRama Subba ReddyNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY75/27-7, Vijaya Durga Colony KadapaClosed08 Aug 2014982
23 2014-ENG-0332 S Abdul Rouf SAbdul RazaleNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY8/1057, Almas Peta KadapaClosed11 Aug 2014981
24 2014-ENG-0333 A Manjulamma A srinivasa ReddyNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY54/256-1-2-1, Nabi Kota KadapaClosed11 Aug 2014981
25 2014-ENG-0334 M Lakshmi Narayana M KrishnaMurthyNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY17/166-1, Mandi BazarClosed11 Aug 2014981

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