Total Records Found : 10
S.noApplicationNoNameService NameAddressStatusReg. DateNo Of Days
1 2014-ENG-0146 P.Lakshmi deviNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY37/511-1-511, Nehuru nagar, kadapaRejected05 Aug 20141023
2 2014-ENG-4906 p.Sailaja anil kumar redduNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY42/345-1, B.N.Colony,kadapaRejected23 Dec 2014882
3 2015-ENG-0417 S.Rama subba reddyNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY38/345-9-4, Ramanjaneya purm,kadapaRejected19 Jan 2015854
4 2015-ENG-0406 G.Ramaesh G.siddaiahNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY38/176, ramanjaneya puram,kadapaRejected19 Jan 2015854
5 2015-ENG-0472 P.Pedda subrayuduNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY20/995, co-opertive colony,kadapaRejected20 Jan 2015853
6 2015-ENG-2314 N.Bhagyamma N.Babu raoNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY38/5544, Tilak nagar,kadapa, Rejected27 Mar 2015785
7 2015-ENG-3006 D.Bahsa D.Ammeen sahebNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY15/270-2, Bellary road,kadapa, Rejected25 Apr 2015759
8 2015-ENG-2999 D.Basha D.Ameer sahebNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY15/270, Ballary raod,kadapa, Rejected25 Apr 2015759
9 2015-ENG-3642 C.Syamalamma C.NarasimhuluNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY41/120-304, Bharathi bar stree, Rejected18 May 2015737
10 2015-ENG-4131 P.Surya narayanaNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY41/133-5-1, Bharathi bar stree, Rejected02 Jun 2015722

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