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S.noApplicationNoNameService NameAddressStatusReg. DateNo Of Days
1 2014-ENG-0002 S.ShakeelaNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY38/6642-1, Tilak nagarClosed18 Jul 20141004
2 2014-ENG-0003 B.LakshumaiahNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY41/128, Nagarju peta, kadapaClosed19 Jul 20141002
3 2014-ENG-0004 S.BeebiNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY53/19-4-20, C.M.Peta,kadapaClosed19 Jul 20141002
4 2014-ENG-0006 T.ObannaNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY96/19-9, Utukur,kadapaClosed19 Jul 20141002
5 2014-ENG-0008 B.MahalakshmiNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY36/680, Ashok nager , kadapaClosed19 Jul 20141002
6 2014-ENG-0024 S.SjaleelaNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY38/66442-1, Tilak nagar ,kadapaClosed21 Jul 20141001
7 2014-ENG-0029 G.Lakshmi DeviNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY2/981-1, Nagaraju peta, kadapaClosed21 Jul 20141001
8 2014-ENG-0036 V.SreenivasuluNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY36/256-36-1-1, Chinna chowk, kadapaClosed23 Jul 2014999
9 2014-ENG-0037 Soma Rama chandra raoNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY39/477-2-1,2,3, Aravinda nagar, kadapaClosed23 Jul 2014999
10 2014-ENG-0038 S.Mahaboob sahebNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY2/507, Nagarju peta,kadapaClosed23 Jul 2014999
11 2014-ENG-0040 B.SubbammaNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY42/849-48-3, Mruthunajaya kunta , kadapaClosed25 Jul 2014997
12 2014-ENG-0042 S.AlipeeramNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY15/166, Bella road,kadapaClosed25 Jul 2014997
13 2014-ENG-0043 P.Siva sankarNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY38/247-6-2-1, Ramanjaneya puram, kadapaClosed25 Jul 2014997
14 2014-ENG-0044 Syeda begum mayanaNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY14/778-1, Nakash street , kadapaClosed25 Jul 2014997
15 2014-ENG-0076 B.Subba narasaiahNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY17/459-1, Sadu chenganna veedhi, kadapaClosed26 Jul 2014995
16 2014-ENG-0077 p. Bhaskar reddyNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY40/170-1, Mutharasu palli, kadapaClosed26 Jul 2014995
17 2014-ENG-0079 N.SreenivasuluNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY36/198-11, Chinna chowk ,kadapaClosed26 Jul 2014995
18 2014-ENG-0080 Shaik SharifunnisaNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY56/164-1, Akkaya palli, kadapaClosed26 Jul 2014995
19 2014-ENG-0147 C.DasthagiriNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY39/464-19-2, Vivekanada nagar, kadapaClosed05 Aug 2014986
20 2014-ENG-0148 Fouziya begumNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY10/70-1, Bellary road, kadapaClosed05 Aug 2014986
21 2014-ENG-0149 M.Lakshmi devi M.V.Subba reddyNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY58/274-5-19, Akkaya palli, kadapaClosed05 Aug 2014986
22 2014-ENG-0150 S.Thirumala KarthikNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY10/548-1, Bellammandy, street, kadapaClosed05 Aug 2014986
23 2014-ENG-0151 P K Achari VenkataRamanaNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY1/1219, Y M Palli KadapaClosed05 Aug 2014986
24 2014-ENG-0153 C Subbi Reddy C SubbareddyNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY62/145-4, AkkyaPalli.KadapaClosed05 Aug 2014986
25 2014-ENG-0154 M Aswaq Ali Khan M Abdul Khadar KhanNEW TAP CONNECTION-ORDINARY42/347-14-2-3-4, Simha Puri Colony KadapaClosed05 Aug 2014986

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