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S.noApplicationNoNameService NameAddressStatusReg. DateNo Of Days
1 2014-PH-0009 Nazam BegumDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE10/276-26, Ayesha Nagar, Bellam Mandi StrClosed06 Aug 20141019
2 2014-PH-0010 Nazam BegumDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE10/276-26, Ayesha Nagar, Bellam Mandi StrClosed06 Aug 20141019
3 2014-PH-0035 Ali KhanDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE57/342,Sastry N, 57/342,Sastry NagarClosed17 Aug 20141007
4 2014-PH-0041 Shanmukeswar RaoDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE1/352,Maruthi N, 1/352,Maruthi Nagar Closed18 Aug 20141007
5 2014-PH-0048 Narayana ReddyDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE1/798,Dwaraka N, 1/798,Dwaraka Nagar Closed18 Aug 20141007
6 2014-PH-0050 RameshDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE37/1174-1-6, Vi, Closed18 Aug 20141007
7 2014-PH-0052 RameshDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE37/1174-1-6, Vi, Closed18 Aug 20141007
8 2014-PH-0053 KrishnaveniDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE42/347-213, Sim, Closed18 Aug 20141007
9 2014-PH-0058 Rama MurthyDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE2/162,Pindi Machine Lane,Marut, Closed19 Aug 20141006
10 2014-PH-0060 IshaqDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE8/1374-3,Saipet , Closed19 Aug 20141006
11 2014-PH-0078 KrishnaveniDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE42/347-213, Simhapuri Colony, Closed21 Aug 20141004
12 2014-PH-0080 V Praveen KumarDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE4/114, Nagarajupeta, Closed21 Aug 20141004
13 2014-PH-0094 Surya NarayanaDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE1/2676, H B Colony, Closed22 Aug 20141002
14 2014-PH-0102 RamanaiahDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE3/1978,Raja Reddy St, Closed24 Aug 20141000
15 2014-PH-0131 SureshDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE3/395,Raja Reddy St , Closed28 Aug 2014995
16 2014-PH-0167 Ram Mohan RajuDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGEP F Office, Y M Palli, Closed04 Sep 2014990
17 2014-PH-0204 LeelavathiDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE1/2727, H.B Colony, Closed09 Sep 2014985
18 2014-PH-0205 Mohammad JaveedDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE63/155-7-1-2, Marati Veedhi, Closed09 Sep 2014985
19 2014-PH-0231 R Sandhya Rani TPRODOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE40/84-2-4-4, Bharath Nagar, Closed12 Sep 2014980
20 2014-PH-0232 NagireddyDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE68/233, Near high school, Alan, Closed12 Sep 2014980
21 2014-PH-0246 GarudaiahDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE1/2437,H B Colony, Closed15 Sep 2014979
22 2014-PH-0332 PadmavathiDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE43/218-4-5-3, Prakash Nagar, Closed25 Sep 2014969
23 2014-PH-0334 Residants of Maruthi Nagar Peoples (Commissioner)DOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE1/394-1,Maruthi Nagar, Closed26 Sep 2014967
24 2014-PH-0343 JamalDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE37/1009-5-3, Nehru Nagar, Closed27 Sep 2014966
25 2014-PH-0358 Abdul RehamanDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE18/238, G C Street, Closed30 Sep 2014963

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