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S.noApplicationNoNameService NameAddressStatusReg. DateNo Of Days
1 2014-PH-0008 Ameer BashaDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE44/37-501, Bhagathsing NagarClosed06 Aug 20141020
2 2014-PH-0013 Siva PrasadDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE41/564, SankarapuramClosed07 Aug 20141017
3 2014-PH-0016 SaleemDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE15/379, Gajula StreetClosed08 Aug 20141016
4 2014-PH-0031 KarunakarDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE52/34, Nabikota, Closed11 Aug 20141015
5 2014-PH-0055 Nazeer AhamedDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE53/155-7-1-2, M, Closed18 Aug 20141008
6 2014-PH-0069 KarunakarDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE52/34, Nabikota, Closed20 Aug 20141006
7 2014-PH-0103 RamanaDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE3/1978, Rajareddy Street, Closed24 Aug 20141001
8 2014-PH-0219 KrishnaveniDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE42/347-213, Simhapuri Colony, Closed10 Sep 2014985
9 2014-PH-0309 Nagi ReddyDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE68/233,Allamkhanpalli, Closed22 Sep 2014973
10 2014-PH-0345 RasheedDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE20/381,Masthan Valli St , Closed28 Sep 2014966
11 2014-PH-0379 Sampath KumarDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE42/379-7, B N Colony, Closed07 Oct 2014958
12 2014-PH-0469 Balaji PrasadDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE1/2369, H B Colony, Closed22 Oct 2014942
13 2014-PH-0505 Shanmugeswar RaoDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE1/352, Maruthi Nagar, Closed30 Oct 2014935
14 2014-PH-0587 RamachandraiahDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE45/149, Balaji Nagar, Closed18 Nov 2014916
15 2014-PH-0635 Abdul RehamanDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE18/237,G C Street , Closed27 Nov 2014907
16 2014-PH-0670 SirishaDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE1/778(2), Dwaraka Nagar , Closed03 Dec 2014901
17 2014-PH-0703 MohanDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE6/719, Sankarapuram, Closed10 Dec 2014894
18 2014-PH-0742 Adi Narayana ReddyDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE1/2710, H B Colony, Closed15 Dec 2014889
19 2014-PH-0780 Malleswar ReddyDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE36/407-2,Ashoke Nagar, Closed22 Dec 2014882
20 2014-PH-0792 PrasadDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE36/256-55-3, Hanuman Nagar, Bh, Closed24 Dec 2014879
21 2014-PH-0819 NagarajuDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE36/256-56-8, Gopal Reddy St , Closed30 Dec 2014874
22 2015-PH-0005 Abdul RehamanDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE18/236,G C Street , Closed02 Jan 2015870
23 2015-PH-0160 LakshmiDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE1/2402,H B Colony, Closed27 Jan 2015846
24 2015-PH-0161 Nanda GopalDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE41/386-1, Sankarapuram , Closed27 Jan 2015846
25 2015-PH-0165 MuniDOOR TO DOOR GARBAGE4/243, Nagarajupeta, Closed27 Jan 2015846

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