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S.noApplicationNoNameService NameAddressStatusReg. DateNo Of Days
1 2014-ENG-0173 SMD AkbarNON SUPPLY OF DRINKING WATER13/145, BKM StreetClosed06 Aug 2014964
2 2014-ENG-0210 Krishna MuraliNON SUPPLY OF DRINKING WATER88/172, Angadi VeedhiClosed07 Aug 2014961
3 2014-ENG-0302 Eswar ReddyNON SUPPLY OF DRINKING WATER39/622-70, Aravinda NagarClosed09 Aug 2014959
4 2014-ENG-0303 LakshmideviNON SUPPLY OF DRINKING WATER16/1090, MasapetaClosed09 Aug 2014959
5 2014-ENG-0354 Rama Chandra ReddyNON SUPPLY OF DRINKING WATER1/441-13-3-1, Maruthi NagarClosed11 Aug 2014959
6 2014-ENG-0355 VenkateshNON SUPPLY OF DRINKING WATER87/23 , Farida Nagar, Putlam PalliClosed11 Aug 2014959
7 2014-ENG-0378 ShajahanNON SUPPLY OF DRINKING WATER9/208-4, Saipet, Closed11 Aug 2014959
8 2014-ENG-0651 YounusNON SUPPLY OF DRINKING WATER14/347, Kummarakunta, Khaleel , Closed21 Aug 2014949
9 2014-ENG-2501 Madhu Sudhan ReddyNON SUPPLY OF DRINKING WATER1/2726-1,H B Colony , Closed01 Oct 2014907
10 2014-ENG-2723 Khaja ValliNON SUPPLY OF DRINKING WATER14/513-1,Nakash, Closed08 Oct 2014901
11 2014-ENG-4030 ParveenNON SUPPLY OF DRINKING WATER3/1729,Raja Reddy St , Closed24 Nov 2014854
12 2014-ENG-4211 PenchalaiahNON SUPPLY OF DRINKING WATER16/1185-A,Masapet , Closed29 Nov 2014848
13 2014-ENG-4481 Vara KumarNON SUPPLY OF DRINKING WATER101/103,Nr Church, Viswanatha, Closed09 Dec 2014839
14 2014-ENG-4498 NazeerNON SUPPLY OF DRINKING WATER72/255-1, Nazeer Glass Wo, Closed10 Dec 2014838
15 2014-ENG-4502 Rama KrishnaNON SUPPLY OF DRINKING WATER3/540, Raja Reddy Street, Closed10 Dec 2014838
16 2014-ENG-4504 SudarshanNON SUPPLY OF DRINKING WATER39/472-1-1, Aravinda nagar, Closed10 Dec 2014838
17 2015-ENG-0179 PichammaNON SUPPLY OF DRINKING WATER86/113, Sivanandapuram, Closed07 Jan 2015810
18 2015-ENG-0282 Lakshmi NarayanaNON SUPPLY OF DRINKING WATER31/170, Devuni Kadapa, Closed10 Jan 2015803
19 2015-ENG-0287 SamsunNON SUPPLY OF DRINKING WATER101/197, Valmiki Nagar , Closed11 Jan 2015803
20 2015-ENG-0487 LakshmideviNON SUPPLY OF DRINKING WATERBlock No.85, Rajiv Gruha , Closed21 Jan 2015796
21 2015-ENG-0488 KalidasNON SUPPLY OF DRINKING WATERBlock No.99, Rajiv Gruha , Closed21 Jan 2015796
22 2015-ENG-0596 PrasannaNON SUPPLY OF DRINKING WATER101/85 to 101/110, Viswanathap, Closed25 Jan 2015790
23 2015-ENG-0924 KalidasNON SUPPLY OF DRINKING WATERPlot No.99, Rajiv Gruha Kalpa, Closed06 Feb 2015779
24 2015-ENG-0938 RamadeviNON SUPPLY OF DRINKING WATERST Girls School, Beside IMA H, Closed07 Feb 2015778
25 2015-ENG-1133 SubramanyamNON SUPPLY OF DRINKING WATER1/1824-1, Y M Palli, Closed14 Feb 2015769

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