Total Records Found : 10
S.noApplicationNoNameService NameAddressStatusReg. DateNo Of Days
1 2014-PH-0273 HarikrishnaOTHERS104/85, Narasaramaiahgari Pall, Closed16 Sep 2014978
2 2014-PH-0442 SubramanyamOTHERS43/513-10, Niranjan Nagar, Closed17 Oct 2014946
3 2014-PH-0485 SubbarajuOTHERS39/25-4, RTC Colony, Closed25 Oct 2014938
4 2014-PH-0548 SrinivasuluOTHERS96/32, Santhi Nagar, Utukuru, Closed11 Nov 2014922
5 2015-PH-0082 Rathan MobilesOTHERSBalaji Complex, Madras Road, Closed13 Jan 2015857
6 2015-PH-1831 UsharaniOTHERS42/99-2, NGO Colony, Closed12 Oct 2015587
7 2015-PH-2025 Ram PrasadOTHERS43/41-1A, Prakash Nagar, Closed17 Nov 2015551
8 2016-PH-1450 BhaskaranOTHERS39/480-4, Road No.17, Vivekana, Closed03 Aug 2016291
9 2016-PH-1524 Jaffar ValiOTHERS48/153, Kagithalapenta, Closed17 Aug 2016277
10 2016-PH-1770 JamesOTHERS56/19-1-4, Near Vikas School, , Closed21 Sep 2016242

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