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S.noApplicationNoNameService NameAddressStatusReg. DateNo Of Days
1 2014-REV-0028 G.Bala krishnaVALUATION CONFIRMATION(SOLVENCY)93/280, Subbanna gari palli, kadapaClosed05 Aug 2014959
2 2014-REV-0029 G.Rama mohanVALUATION CONFIRMATION(SOLVENCY)93/217, Subbanna gari palli, kadapaClosed05 Aug 2014959
3 2014-REV-0030 D.Nizam Ali khanVALUATION CONFIRMATION(SOLVENCY)11-770, H.B.Street, kadapaClosed05 Aug 2014959
4 2014-REV-0037 S.Naga AbisekVALUATION CONFIRMATION(SOLVENCY)14/811, Nakash,kadapaClosed05 Aug 2014959
5 2014-REV-0038 S.Abdul rahamanVALUATION CONFIRMATION(SOLVENCY)8/209-4-3, Almas peta , kadapaClosed05 Aug 2014959
6 2014-REV-0040 Y.Hussain shareefVALUATION CONFIRMATION(SOLVENCY)8/209-6, Almas peta kadapaClosed05 Aug 2014959
7 2014-REV-0041 P.Kareem KhanVALUATION CONFIRMATION(SOLVENCY)10/310, Bellary road, kadapaClosed05 Aug 2014959
8 2014-REV-0042 S.A.SattarVALUATION CONFIRMATION(SOLVENCY)11/708, H.B.Colony, kadapaClosed05 Aug 2014959
9 2014-REV-0043 V.RamanaiahVALUATION CONFIRMATION(SOLVENCY)20/608, R.K.Nagar,kadapaClosed05 Aug 2014959
10 2014-REV-0093 S.Sham shuddinVALUATION CONFIRMATION(SOLVENCY)21/636, Municipaloffce road,kadapaClosed12 Aug 2014952
11 2014-REV-0094 Syed kareem unnisaVALUATION CONFIRMATION(SOLVENCY)9/620, agadi street, kadapaClosed12 Aug 2014952
12 2014-REV-0095 Yousuf bashaVALUATION CONFIRMATION(SOLVENCY)8/586-5, Yanadi colony, kadapaClosed12 Aug 2014952
13 2014-REV-0097 S.Mahaboob bashaVALUATION CONFIRMATION(SOLVENCY)10/31-1, Ballary road, kadapaClosed13 Aug 2014951
14 2014-REV-0104 Narasimha prasadVALUATION CONFIRMATION(SOLVENCY)20/157, Akula street, kadapaClosed14 Aug 2014949
15 2014-REV-0127 M.Nagamunemma M.VenkataiahVALUATION CONFIRMATION(SOLVENCY)20/628, R.K.Nagar, kadapaClosed20 Aug 2014944
16 2014-REV-0128 M.Narayana M.C.VenkataiahVALUATION CONFIRMATION(SOLVENCY)17/493, Sadu chenganna veedhi, kadapaClosed20 Aug 2014944
17 2014-REV-0144 N.Bala gangahar N.gangannaVALUATION CONFIRMATION(SOLVENCY)43/292, Estete kadapaClosed25 Aug 2014939
18 2014-REV-0145 B.Lakshmi devi RamakrishnaVALUATION CONFIRMATION(SOLVENCY)38/6484, Ramanjaneya puram, kadapaClosed25 Aug 2014939
19 2014-REV-0146 B.Venkata subbaiahVALUATION CONFIRMATION(SOLVENCY)60/196, Nabikota,kadapaClosed25 Aug 2014939
20 2014-REV-0149 S.Sreenivasulu SubarayuduVALUATION CONFIRMATION(SOLVENCY)59/254, Nabikota, kadapaClosed25 Aug 2014939
21 2014-REV-0151 B.Venkataiah B.Venkata subbaiahVALUATION CONFIRMATION(SOLVENCY)1/179, Sunnapuralla palli, kadapaClosed26 Aug 2014938
22 2014-REV-0153 Shaik Gowhar valli Abdul AzeesVALUATION CONFIRMATION(SOLVENCY)7/23, Mocham peta, kadapaClosed26 Aug 2014938
23 2014-REV-0154 Shaik Jaffar valli Abdul AzeesVALUATION CONFIRMATION(SOLVENCY)8/95, Almas peta, kadapaClosed26 Aug 2014938
24 2014-REV-0156 Mahaboob khan Syed AhamedVALUATION CONFIRMATION(SOLVENCY)58/21, Akkaya plli,kadapaClosed26 Aug 2014938
25 2014-REV-0157 Karimulla s.RajasabVALUATION CONFIRMATION(SOLVENCY)9/607, Agadi street,kadapaClosed26 Aug 2014938

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