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About Town planning
To regulate town planning activities including land uses, layouts, building constructions and encroachments.
Chief City Planner / City Planner
Planning the integrated development of the city / town and to ensure the implementation of all rules relating to building constructions, layouts, zoning regulations and town planning.
Deputy City Planner / Asst. City Planner
Integrated and planned development of the area allotted. Implementation of Building Rules, Zoning Regulations, Layout Rules and other rules of Town Planning.
Town Planning Supervisor
Enforcement of regulations relating to layouts, installations and advertisements. All items of work relating to preparation of general town planning schemes.
Town Planning and Building Overseer
Enforcement of regulations relating to construction of buildings and prompt detection and taking of action against all unauthorized constructions and violations to sanctioned plans.
Town Surveyor
Proper maintenance of records relating to street survey, Government / Municipal lands.
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